Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm stepping up to my "political soapbox"!!!

ok....seriously....McCAIN!!!! What the crap are people thinking!!! WAIT! They are not thinking!! I have been in a sour mood everytime I think about this. I try and not to think about it but I can't help it, 'cause there is nothing I can do! and that is the fustrating part. I can't fix it. I can't tell those politicans to keep running....give your all, your heart and soul into this campaign! Don't pull out of the race just to "unite" your political party...screw your political party, they don't care about you...and they obviously don't care about "WE THE PEOPLE"!! This is the first year I have been really "into" the political process. I watch and read what I can. I'm not a finatic, I'm just concerned. It all started getting serious when I ordered XM Radio! I have access to FOX News 24/7, I have my dose of GLENN BECK in the morning. (LUV HIM!! ;). And I must say...I think the reason why I am mad as all get because I have no XM radio. I'm going thru withdrawls! I have been without for like almost 2 weeks and its driving me nuts. Time to reoder I guess! HAHAHAHA
This coming up election is going to be a disaster! We have no hope as a country with these crappy people who are wanting to be our next president! Our country is going to hell in a handbasket. enough about dooms day....

From the begining I had no solid idea who I was going to "root" for. I didn't want McCain thats for sure...he flip flops more than Kerry himself, plus his feet lean farther to the left than the right! Guiliani...hmmm not bad really...but I want to keep my guns! Huckabee....who wants a President of the United States with the last name Huckabee!....besides...everytime I see him he reminds me of the character on the TV show "24"....he played the role of the President...the President who ended up screwing up things really really bad....ya I wouldn't vote for him just for that reason alone! HAHA Romney...I didn't want to vote for him just because he's a mormon and I'm a mormon...but I did agree with some stuff. Thompson...he was my man!! When he did that commercial...I forgot what he said but...I thought "DANG!!...thats the type of guy we need as a president right now...tough and won't be afraid to tell ya like it is!" . hopes were shattered...Thompson wussied out early....Guiliani kept all his eggs in one basket....and Romney....didn't "sell" himself enough. Towards the end I was rooting for Romney...I felt like I could trust him over the other guys more...and most importantly...he could fix Washington! That's what my heart was praying for....for him to get in there and fix our countrys' mess!!! If he would of ran his campaign the same way he ran it for Massachusettes...he would of done better. If he had told the people...I fixed the olympics...I can help Mass. out and bring both parties to the table..I can do the same with Washington....but he didn't do that....and if he did... HE DIDN'T DO IT HARD ENOUGH!! Honestly...he could of sold himself alot more than what he did. Just like a job go in there and sell yourself...prove yourself to them! And he didn't. And another thing that ticks me off...he wussied out!! Don't give up!! You tell the people..ALL THE WAY, TO THE END...and then you shock everyone by saying I'm throwing in the towel!! Just so your political party doesn't get too hurt by you staying in...they lost even more by you getting out! Atleast with Romney we would of had some hope, some chance...but now...we have nothing with McCain and Huckabee. I should change my political party status or something cause theres no way in hell am I voting for either of those two.....!
.........OBAMA, anyone??!