Saturday, December 13, 2008

Blog Award

My Aunt Karen is just the coolest person ever!! She may not know this but I love her to death! And I miss her tons! Such a talented person. She loves all her family members intensely! She's a person you can totally look up to, and lean upon when needed :) XOXO
P.S. U should totally check out her BLOG--shes got such a cool, krazy & unpredictable family who will make u laugh ur butt off! I know I do ;)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here's the KIDDOS!!!

This is Brakelle! Cutie-pa-tootie!
She has an "egg" on her noggin cause she some how "biff'd" it running around the heres a lesson, don't run in the church!!

This is Dallin up in a tree with his cousin Wyatt.
This is Brayden! Isn't she e-dorable!
This is my inside joke with her because she can't say adorable, she says it as e-dorable! Is that just e-dorable or WHAT!

So there u have it!!

My 3 KIDDOS!!!
p.s. my kids look NOTHING like me! haha that's probably a good thing! although they did get my blue eyes...THANK HEAVEN for that cause I really didn't want brown eyed babies! HAHA J/K I would of been happy either way! ;)

Change is a good thing!!

I'm currently changing things around here! I am adding a new's where u can get all my crappy ramblings!! I want to add more family stuff here since it is the STIMPSON family blog! NO DUH needed...cause I alread NO DUH'D myself!! so u can catch my rambling on my other blog and hopefully I will take more time to add pics and stuff we do as a family on the family blog! HAHA
we'll see how that goes for me!
heres the addy for my ramblings blog!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Me & my MUSIC obsession!!

Now! I'm not one for "boy bands" per-say. I'm not gah-gah over them...its more that gag-gag over them!! The only ones I ever cared for were NKOTB! (yes! their back!!;) & Backstreet Boys. I personally liked their style of music. Boys 2 Men...not shabby either! And I didn't like N' Sync...I wish they would of done what their song claimed....BYE BYE BYE!!! BUT!! I am a HUGE fan of Justin Timberlake....not until he left the group to go on his own, which happend to be the best thing for him! but i digress!... the other day I was snoopin' around some blogs and I found this video of a boy band, NLT....I thought...I never heard of them I wonder what they sound like? and I will tell u this....I actually LUV their music!! I don't know much about them but their songs are actually pretty good. I LUV the song KARMA! & SHE SAID, I SAID! The above links are to their videos....hopefully they work if not go search for NLT!!

sooo....funny thing...I'm watching their video and I have to comment on the boys! HAHA ok! 1st off....the one sportin' the "mole", which he CLEARLY LIKES TO SHOW IT OFF!! looks like Enrique Iglesias (spelling...dunno ;), 2nd! the other main singer....he looks like he would be the geeky-cute one in school if not for his voice...lucky him! These two front singers have awesome voices! I really like their voices! 3rd! the wanna be blonde one! he looks like a KIRBY HEYBORNE! off of the Singles Ward!...SHOUT OUT TO KIRBY!!! ;D PLUS!! I luv watching him dance...I luv watching his feet!! HAHAHA and 4th! I dunno.....the kid looks like Cory Hame or the other Cory! I'm forgetting the other CORYs last name,hopefully U know who I'm talking about. In all they're really adorably cute guys. ahhhh! I finally got that out of my system!! I had to comment on these boys looks! It kracks me up everytime I see the videos!!
Well hopefully U check out their videos and ENJOY!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Save a Volvo...Ride a Vampire!!!!!

I found this most HI-LARIOUS video!!!
I couldn't stop laughing!!!
And YES! it has something to do with Twilight!!

ok!!! i am sooo mad!! how do i add an actual video...not just the address?? it won't let me because it says "movie" or something like that. so if u know...let me in on it!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

PHELPS.....WHOS THE MAN!??!??!?!


I saw a 'tid bit of him in the last olympics but this year...I AM JUST SOOO STOKED!!! I stayed up this late...just to watch the relay! That had to be the most AWESOMIST BREATHTAKING AMAZING relay EVER!!!!! I was totally SCREAMING them on....I will say I was a 'lil bit worried there towards the end but MAN!!! THEY KICKED ASS!!!
In your face FRENCH MEN!!! U aint sayin much now...aren't 'cha!!!
What a STUD-muffin PHELPS is!!
I'm gonna say it again...he's ADORABLE!!!!
well I'm gonna go back and press RE-WIND!!! and again...and again.....ahhh u get the point!!! ;) im in heaven!! HAHAHAHAHA

I have a new LUVVVVVVVVVVV for swimming!!!


Sunday, August 3, 2008



And I was one of the krazy people that went to the book store to get my copy, at the stroke of

I felt like I was back at high school but among geeks! and I was one of the popular kids just staring at them and going WHAT THE CRAP!! It was quite krazy to say the least! Apparently the "festivities" at Borders started around 9:30 pm, I wasn't THAT krazy to go that early...believe me I love the books just as the next one BUT NO THANK U! I got there 20 min. before midnight and left 12:40...a WHOLE FREAKIN' HOUR!!...for a book!! I guess by that last statement...I am a 'lil krazy! ;) was soooo worth it!!!

I wont "SPOIL" the book for those of you who havent bought it, who havent taken my ADVISE on reading the book already!, and who read sloooowww!!! ;)

BUT....I will say this.......I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!!!!!!!!!




Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I don't know how long they'll leave this clip available, I hope they dont take this down cause I will be soo crushed if they take this clip away from me!!
*DISCLAIMER* if you watch this clip, it is by your own doing....I will NOT be held responsible for any problems that arrise from you watching this clip!
ENJOY!!!!!! ;)

P.S. hopefully this link works, cause the original link I had in here, the clip was unavailable. SEE!!! They are already taking it away from me!!! Soo....if it doesnt work let me now!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Do NOT! I repeat, Do NOT! lay/fall asleep in the sun!! Especially when you havent "sun tanned" in yearsss, and when you live Oregon!!! I learned that lesson the hard way! Last week we went camping in eastern Oregon. I luv easter oregon! reminds me of VEGAS with it very HOT summers and desert-like scenery. Hardly any trees and plenty of desert brush everywhere!!! anywhoo....on with my story! When camping you sit around and chit chat. While chit chating you constantly move your chair to keep yourself in as much shade as possible. Well I enjoy the sun so I kept my feet/legs in the sun for short periods of time. By the end of the day you notice some "pinkness" to the sun exposed area. And you say to yourself...AWESOME!!....I'm on my way to a tan!...infact I'm screaming that in my head! Well the next day I noticed that its just my feet and ankle area that got "exposed" because I was wearing I though (which blondes shouldnt do very much of ;) hmmm.... i should probably work on getting all of my legs tanned so I dont end up having this funky capri tan going on! So I jump into some shorts and a tank top and drag my chair out in the sun on the beach. I plop my headphones in and listen to JOSS STONE (guilty pleasure...she soooo ROCKS!!) ...a couple of hours later I decide its been long enough, 3-4 hours long enough, and I head back to camp. About 30 min. later my sis-inlaw Ash says..."whoa Tab!....your feet are red!!" and im like AWESOME! it's better than being chalk white! well later that night i notice that my feet/ankles are begining to hurt more than usual....and i mean really hurt. I take a closer look and notice i am LOBSTER RED!!! so i put some aloe vera on and notice with the light that STEAM is coming off of my legs from puting the aloe vera on and im thinking WOAH this might not be a good thing. The next morning I'm on the verge of SCREAMING!! My ankles/feet are on FIRE!!! That whole day I could hardly walk. I felt like an old lady thats 9 months pregnant!! And on top of that I could hardly stand up for a minute and I seriously mean a whole freggin' minute! My legs were in sooo much pain I could hardly stand up. So I sat as much as possiable and lathered sooo much aloe vera on me i was sticky and slimy!! So needless to say I didnt do much in the way of "camping" for the rest of the week.

So when I get home it begans to get even worse!...if thats even at all possible!! My ankles/feet are SWOLLEN! I didnt swell this bad when I was prego!! My feet look so red and purple it looks like i got the crap beat out of them! And to top it off I had to go to work the following monday. Talk about embarassing! I pick up and drop off packages to alot of business and so here I am walking around these building with people all dressed up business like and im in capris and sandles (which im actually breaking OSHA's laws!) and people are just staring at my feet looking like what the hell happend to her?...does she have a skin disease?! by the end of the day I just wanted to throw my legs in the person face and go ASHTON KUTCHER on them!! scare the crap out of them and see them freak out! but....I didnt! but oh i sooo wanted to! ;)

Sooo.. it's been a week and they are still swollen, my feet still look lobster red, the skin is finally peeling off and i can manage to walk around without looking like an old lady thats 9 months prego!! And technically.....I think I gave my legs a 1st degree burn! so as a warning...DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! or IN THE WOODS!!!

Here are some photos of my feet...please I am warning you...its not a pretty sight! and NO!!! legs and feet are not that fat!!! ;)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

KNOCK...on wood!!

I'm not one to be superstitious....but after my last post, I think I should of been! Last sunday came and like 3 hours before the ONe Republic concert, I got the phone call that informed me that the concert was cancelled and being rescheduled due to Ryans throat problem! I guess he lost his voice?....WHATEVER!!
PSH! PALEAZEE!!! I'm gonna slap that Ryan when I see him!! ...smack him with a kiss! ;) haha
I was soooo excited...maybe too excited...NAH!!! but sometimes these things happen. And I was sooo looking forward to wearing my hawt outfit...I guess now I'm gonna have to go shopping for another hawt outfit!....poor me...I mean LUCKY me!!!! ;)

Saturday, June 28, 2008


You know how some people have "luck charms"? Well...they should make ME into a luck charm...cause I am just wayyyy too lucky!!! OK! Growing up, I ALWAYS won crap off the radio stations. Movie tickets (TONS)! CD's galore!!! OH! and plenty of cool concerts!! And to top it off, I (aka my "mom") won the most coveted prize in vegas, Garth Brook tickets to IRELAND! Yes u heard me right...IRELAND! That was the coolest thing ever!

Sooo....since living in Oregon, I never really wasted my time listening to the radio to win free stuff. Frankly, I think I was burnt out on winning stuff. (I know..SHOCKER!) Well with the job I currently have I drive around this wonderful portland area, and listen to the radio for about 10 hours a day. I never cared again to win stuff...i didn't want to bother with it. BUT!!! there were a couple of concerts recently that made my ears perk up! The group AUGUSTANA was coming in to town to do a small concert...I wanted to go, but u had to listen for a certain song between the hours and games like that just annoy I never really put much effort into winning those tickets, soo I didnt win tickets to them...even though they are coming back later this summer with Marron 5 and Counting Crows, so I am FOR SURE making an effort to win some tickets!

anywhoo...this last monday I'm listening to the afternoon gal and she had a guest, who happened to be the guitarist for ONE REPUBLIC! and he was a joy to listen to...very sweet guy...well after her interview she said she was giving away tickets to their concert and before the show a private meet and greet and personal im thinking...should i?...should I not?...But I really didnt have to ask myself that question cause I heart ONe Republic! LUV LUV LUV thier I dialed the number...BUSY...dialed again...BUSY!..and im like nope! didnt get it...dialed again...RING...RING....RING...and to shorten the phone conversation...I WON THE FREAKIN TICKETS!!!!! the gal said..u won the tickets and i told the gal...SHUT UP! NO WAY!! soo...this sunday night me and my sister in law Ash...are hittin the town!!! I even bought a new outfit! and i never do that for concerts...and let me tell u, its adorable!! So that should tell U I'm really, REALLY excited...been on cloud 9 all week long!
If I'm LUCKY enough to get pics of the guys, I'll post them soon. So..wish me LUCK on that one!! HAHA ;)

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


NEED I SAY MORE!!! The above link will take you to the Twilight Trailer "Teaser"!! it's like barely a minute long but if you play it over and over again, it can be like oh...10 minutes long or something like that :) needless to say, I have played it over and over!! I can't get enough of it! His accent, his hair, his smile at the end before he flies out into the woods!!! And Emmett's voice!! These guys are to die for! The special affects are amazing! December can NOT come soon enough! I am seriously beyong excitement to see this movie...I knew they were going to make a great movie but THIS! is going to be beyond our expectations! Simply amazing!!! It makes my heart go "THUD THUD" out of my chest!!...or does HE make my heart go "THUD THUD" ;) p.s. the OME!!! stand for - OH MY EDWARD!! just in case you didn't know ;)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I am on STRIKE!!!

That's heard me...I am on STRIKE! I am done with watching anything on CBS. CBS for the 2nd time have said they will be cancelling a show called JERICHO (Skeet=HAWT!!). I LOVE THIS SHOW!! It is the best show out there...if you haven't seen...GO SEE IT...unfortunantly that would mean you have to go to to watch the go see it already ;) That also means I will be missing out on some of my favorite shows like, The UNIT (HAWTIES!), CSI (Nick=HAWT), NCIS (Agent DiNozzo=HAWT). So as you can see...I will be sacrificing ALOT! But until CBS gets their heads out of their rears' , I will be on STRIKE!! ...please feel free to join me ;)

Saturday, March 1, 2008

I have been DEAD to the world!!!!

That's right! Dead to the world this last week and I'm sure a few more weeks! Why you may be asking yourself... ;) Well....I got a hold of the "Twilight" series. They are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!! The books were written by Stephenie Meyer. Oh! How I wish I could write like her! I can NOT put these books down. And I have in the last week, read them twice!!! And I'm gonna read them AGAIN!!! sorry to shout people but I cant say enough about these books. There's 3 books so far...the fourth is coming out in August I believe, so yes I have to wait...and if you know me I hate playing the "hurry up and wait" game! And I'm soooo bumbed! There are making a movie out of the books and they are filming here in Portland....and asking for xtras to be in the movie! BUT!!! I have to work...u know....maybe I should quit my job and make being an xtra my job, sure I wouldn't get paid for being an xtra but HEY I'll be in her movie! And, while I'm being an xtra, maybe I should stalk "Edward", the main character in the THAT!...should be my full time job!!!....wishful thinking, I know I know I know!!! :-( I honestly thought the other day...maybe I should "highlight" all my favorite parts cause I keep going back to the parts I love...but then I don't want other people sneaking into my book and finding out what parts or sections I crave!! So.....if you have not picked up these books...SHAME ON YOU! Get your butt over to the store and get them....I promise! You will NOT be disappointed!!...and your life, like mine right now....will only revolve around these books! ;)

Friday, February 8, 2008

I'm stepping up to my "political soapbox"!!!

ok....seriously....McCAIN!!!! What the crap are people thinking!!! WAIT! They are not thinking!! I have been in a sour mood everytime I think about this. I try and not to think about it but I can't help it, 'cause there is nothing I can do! and that is the fustrating part. I can't fix it. I can't tell those politicans to keep running....give your all, your heart and soul into this campaign! Don't pull out of the race just to "unite" your political party...screw your political party, they don't care about you...and they obviously don't care about "WE THE PEOPLE"!! This is the first year I have been really "into" the political process. I watch and read what I can. I'm not a finatic, I'm just concerned. It all started getting serious when I ordered XM Radio! I have access to FOX News 24/7, I have my dose of GLENN BECK in the morning. (LUV HIM!! ;). And I must say...I think the reason why I am mad as all get because I have no XM radio. I'm going thru withdrawls! I have been without for like almost 2 weeks and its driving me nuts. Time to reoder I guess! HAHAHAHA
This coming up election is going to be a disaster! We have no hope as a country with these crappy people who are wanting to be our next president! Our country is going to hell in a handbasket. enough about dooms day....

From the begining I had no solid idea who I was going to "root" for. I didn't want McCain thats for sure...he flip flops more than Kerry himself, plus his feet lean farther to the left than the right! Guiliani...hmmm not bad really...but I want to keep my guns! Huckabee....who wants a President of the United States with the last name Huckabee!....besides...everytime I see him he reminds me of the character on the TV show "24"....he played the role of the President...the President who ended up screwing up things really really bad....ya I wouldn't vote for him just for that reason alone! HAHA Romney...I didn't want to vote for him just because he's a mormon and I'm a mormon...but I did agree with some stuff. Thompson...he was my man!! When he did that commercial...I forgot what he said but...I thought "DANG!!...thats the type of guy we need as a president right now...tough and won't be afraid to tell ya like it is!" . hopes were shattered...Thompson wussied out early....Guiliani kept all his eggs in one basket....and Romney....didn't "sell" himself enough. Towards the end I was rooting for Romney...I felt like I could trust him over the other guys more...and most importantly...he could fix Washington! That's what my heart was praying for....for him to get in there and fix our countrys' mess!!! If he would of ran his campaign the same way he ran it for Massachusettes...he would of done better. If he had told the people...I fixed the olympics...I can help Mass. out and bring both parties to the table..I can do the same with Washington....but he didn't do that....and if he did... HE DIDN'T DO IT HARD ENOUGH!! Honestly...he could of sold himself alot more than what he did. Just like a job go in there and sell yourself...prove yourself to them! And he didn't. And another thing that ticks me off...he wussied out!! Don't give up!! You tell the people..ALL THE WAY, TO THE END...and then you shock everyone by saying I'm throwing in the towel!! Just so your political party doesn't get too hurt by you staying in...they lost even more by you getting out! Atleast with Romney we would of had some hope, some chance...but now...we have nothing with McCain and Huckabee. I should change my political party status or something cause theres no way in hell am I voting for either of those two.....!
.........OBAMA, anyone??!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Our Beloved Prophet...Gordon B. Hinckley

Gordon B. Hinckley
I was saddened to hear the news last night.
He IS such an amazing man and prophet.
He has touched soo many lives..including mine!
What a great example of pure love and devotion.
He will be dearly missed.
...'Til we meet again.

Friday, January 25, 2008

to those who we have loved....and lost...

(you don't want to miss click on it :)

I was "sneaking" around on some blogs and I found this adorable you tube video. And I cried!! I don't know where it came from or for what but it spoke volumes to my heart and soul. This sound video says it all...if Heavenly Father can give up his son...I can give up my Dad for a period of time....I know NOT why my father was taken at such an early time in all of our lives but there must be a reason and someday I will know why and full heartily understand.

It has been 12 years since my dad died from cancer. And it has been hard dealing with his death especially when I think about him, and I don't think a day goes by when I don't think about him. And when I think about him I always say...if only you were here! Every time I have a difficult day or moment my thoughts go to him, and for some reason I think that if he was here my life would seem less difficult...or there would be something he could say or do to help me get through this difficult moment. And I'm sure he could do something...cause MY DADDY could fix anything! But...he's not physically here with I must somehow deal with these moments by myself and somehow get thru them in a good way...and I take those times when I think of him and imagine him next to me...cause I believe those are the moments when my Dad wants me to know hes spiritually right next to me and that this is his way of telling me....I LOVE YOU! And I always reply.....I LOVE YOU TOO!

Friday, January 18, 2008


Sooooo...this was my first year with this whole pinewood derby thing! Talk about krazy! One of my callings in our ward is cub scout leader for the bears and the wolves. I have 7 BOYS! For the most part they are really good boys. Cutie pies. But there are a few I have issues with. They are not very nice to some of the boys. But anywho... Dallin had so much fun making his car. He made a design on a piece of paper and mike cut it out. Dallin sanded and sanded and sanded....he got bored real quickly! He thought it would take like 5 minutes and then he could paint....yaa he wasn't too happy when we told him...keep sanding....nope, keep sanding! He eventually got it sanded really well and went to the paint job. He is a HUGE oregon "DUCK" fan! He loves the football team, so he painted it the school colors which are yellow and green (gross!). He put #10 on it for his favorite player, which is Dennis Dixon, the QB. (btw...#10 is awesome!!) And he named his car the "DUCKSTER!" (thanks to me :). Well we get to the church, have the boys weight in and do the first round of practice. When Dallin's turn came up he was sooo excited. They let the cars go and DOWN they went! and then BAM! Dallin's came to a complete STOP!! yes..a complete stop. It didn't even get to the finish line. It went down the hill and then just stopped. Oohhh I felt sooo bad. Just the look on his face broke his mamas heart. He was devestated! Well after the practice rounds, the Dad's made the much needed adjustments and then the competition was on! Dallin's still didn't make it to the finish line and come to find out Dallin had pushed the wheels in sooo tight that they touched the wood! No wonder why it didn't want to go couldn't with its "brakes" on! So they got that fixed and continued and boy oh boy he won a race and then a second and then another! He actually in the end tied with another boy for 3rd place!! I was soo proud of him and he was sooo proud of himself! And whats great about that....HE, Dallin, made that HIMSELF! ya, Dad cut it out but Dallin did the rest, and that is what I'm most proud of. I can't really say that for the other scouts and their dads but hey! boy is what counts!!
CONGRATS DALLIN!!!!!...on placing 3rd in your first Pinewood Derby!!!!
p.s. pictures to come...when I figure that part out too!!! :P

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My Brayden turned 6 years old on January 12th!!! I can't believe my baby is 6 already!!! Man I am getting old :( On saturday Donna (grandma stimpson), Aunt Ashley, and her babies Shya and Lichelle came over to help celebrate. We had lunch, opened presents, ate cake and ice cream! YUMMY!!
We had alot of fun! It's always fun to have family over!
Again...Happy B-day to my Brayders and I luv you!!! :)

The last month in a "nutshell".

ok...where to begin! November, Mike was laid off from his company. At first I was freakin' out!!!! I mean who wouldn't be! Mike knew it was coming, and to be honest he was quite glad. He was tired of the companies BS. Before getting laid off though we both saw a "fork" in the road concerning his career. He wanted to finish what he orignally wanted to do for a living...become a police officer and eventually the FBI. Since he has not been working he has started schooling to finish his degree and has applied at numerous police locations. He got a conditional offer thru the Salem police station but was notified recently he didn't get it. I won't go into why he didn't get it cause we're not really for sure, but Salem is hard to get into. That whole process took about 5 months and it was a long 5 months. So we're expecting that if he does get hired on at any location it'll take about 6-12 months before hes employed as a police we have to play the waiting game. In the mean time he's looking for other positions and is going to school part time. At first I was not happy with this. I mean who wants their husband to be unemployed after years of being employed with a steady income...and then not to have that...its pretty scarry. But we will get thru this...we both know this is what he needs to be doing....too bad he didn't do this earlier...but then again looking back he didn't feel it was the right thing to do. So who knows!
In December I was involved in a hit and run accident...and no I didn't hit and then run!!! :) I'm not having good luck with cars! I didn't get injured too bad. My back and neck are my problems. I can't complain can always be way worse! After 24 day I finally got my audi back and then not even a week later I had to have it towed cause of an oil leak! I am NOT looking forward to that bill. I was soooo mad! I'm just hoping it was caused from the accident..but with my luck, I doubt it!
Other than that life is going good!!

What was I thinking?!?!?!!!

Me Blog?!!! HAHAHA ya thats working out great for me!!! I haven't done crap on bloggin! I was hoping I would have some time but it never happeneds. Hopefully....just maybe I can get my butt in gear and BLOG!! I need to take some time and figure out this whole blog-thingy. I need to invite friends but I haven't taken the time to figure that part out! LOL Just another thing on my to-do-list!!!