Thursday, August 21, 2008

Me & my MUSIC obsession!!

Now! I'm not one for "boy bands" per-say. I'm not gah-gah over them...its more that gag-gag over them!! The only ones I ever cared for were NKOTB! (yes! their back!!;) & Backstreet Boys. I personally liked their style of music. Boys 2 Men...not shabby either! And I didn't like N' Sync...I wish they would of done what their song claimed....BYE BYE BYE!!! BUT!! I am a HUGE fan of Justin Timberlake....not until he left the group to go on his own, which happend to be the best thing for him! but i digress!... the other day I was snoopin' around some blogs and I found this video of a boy band, NLT....I thought...I never heard of them I wonder what they sound like? and I will tell u this....I actually LUV their music!! I don't know much about them but their songs are actually pretty good. I LUV the song KARMA! & SHE SAID, I SAID! The above links are to their videos....hopefully they work if not go search for NLT!!

sooo....funny thing...I'm watching their video and I have to comment on the boys! HAHA ok! 1st off....the one sportin' the "mole", which he CLEARLY LIKES TO SHOW IT OFF!! looks like Enrique Iglesias (spelling...dunno ;), 2nd! the other main singer....he looks like he would be the geeky-cute one in school if not for his voice...lucky him! These two front singers have awesome voices! I really like their voices! 3rd! the wanna be blonde one! he looks like a KIRBY HEYBORNE! off of the Singles Ward!...SHOUT OUT TO KIRBY!!! ;D PLUS!! I luv watching him dance...I luv watching his feet!! HAHAHA and 4th! I dunno.....the kid looks like Cory Hame or the other Cory! I'm forgetting the other CORYs last name,hopefully U know who I'm talking about. In all they're really adorably cute guys. ahhhh! I finally got that out of my system!! I had to comment on these boys looks! It kracks me up everytime I see the videos!!
Well hopefully U check out their videos and ENJOY!

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M-O-R-G-A-N-'S said...

okay the music isn't so bad but I'm not digging all of their dance moves,and they seem so young. lol Oh and it's Feldman.. :O)