Saturday, June 28, 2008


You know how some people have "luck charms"? Well...they should make ME into a luck charm...cause I am just wayyyy too lucky!!! OK! Growing up, I ALWAYS won crap off the radio stations. Movie tickets (TONS)! CD's galore!!! OH! and plenty of cool concerts!! And to top it off, I (aka my "mom") won the most coveted prize in vegas, Garth Brook tickets to IRELAND! Yes u heard me right...IRELAND! That was the coolest thing ever!

Sooo....since living in Oregon, I never really wasted my time listening to the radio to win free stuff. Frankly, I think I was burnt out on winning stuff. (I know..SHOCKER!) Well with the job I currently have I drive around this wonderful portland area, and listen to the radio for about 10 hours a day. I never cared again to win stuff...i didn't want to bother with it. BUT!!! there were a couple of concerts recently that made my ears perk up! The group AUGUSTANA was coming in to town to do a small concert...I wanted to go, but u had to listen for a certain song between the hours and games like that just annoy I never really put much effort into winning those tickets, soo I didnt win tickets to them...even though they are coming back later this summer with Marron 5 and Counting Crows, so I am FOR SURE making an effort to win some tickets!

anywhoo...this last monday I'm listening to the afternoon gal and she had a guest, who happened to be the guitarist for ONE REPUBLIC! and he was a joy to listen to...very sweet guy...well after her interview she said she was giving away tickets to their concert and before the show a private meet and greet and personal im thinking...should i?...should I not?...But I really didnt have to ask myself that question cause I heart ONe Republic! LUV LUV LUV thier I dialed the number...BUSY...dialed again...BUSY!..and im like nope! didnt get it...dialed again...RING...RING....RING...and to shorten the phone conversation...I WON THE FREAKIN TICKETS!!!!! the gal said..u won the tickets and i told the gal...SHUT UP! NO WAY!! soo...this sunday night me and my sister in law Ash...are hittin the town!!! I even bought a new outfit! and i never do that for concerts...and let me tell u, its adorable!! So that should tell U I'm really, REALLY excited...been on cloud 9 all week long!
If I'm LUCKY enough to get pics of the guys, I'll post them soon. So..wish me LUCK on that one!! HAHA ;)