Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some new hair-do's!!

These girls of mine kept whining and whining to get their hair cut!
allll summer long!!
I kept procrastinating cause their hair was getting long,
and their hair looks cute long....

except Braydens....
her's gets knotted like krazy when it gets too long,
sooo knotted its very hard to brush her hair and get the knots out!


sooo.....I told them I would get it cut in time for school.
here are the new hair do's
and Im LOVING THEM!!!!

Here's Brakelle...
she just couldnt STOP SMILING!!


Here's Brayden
she a lil bit more composed
but still VERY excited!



how the back turned out!

makes me "ALMOST" want to cut

my hair short again...
but only "almost!"


I LOVE LOVE her hair too!

but the gal kept shorting it up in the front,

we wanted it longer, but it'll grow out

Brakelle had asked me since before school got out

that she wanted to donate her hair

I was completely shocked and happy
that she would want to do something like that.
I never even mentioned it to her,
so it was great to hear her want to do that.

So I talked to the gals and they said it had to be over
12" long!!
Brakelles was JUST 12"long!
Braydens was 11 1/2" long!
So Brakelle was able to Donate her hair!!
She was very excited!!
and I was glad I procrastinated and waited :)

Now this is A LOT OF HAIR!!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You know You want ONE! or two....or three.....

AHHHH HELL I'll take them all!....
I was blog hoppin' this morning and found this!!
and THIS!!
and THIS!!

oh & THIS!!

I was droolin over these clothes!
and it makes me a lil afraid....
do i have a lil hippie living
inside of me?!?!
cause this stuff screams HIPPIE!!!
I don't care though cause they are adorable
and look soooo comfty!
which im all for!
i think i'll take each one in each color

you can find these at
(it wouldnt let me cut & paste the link so you'll have to type it in yourself)
now im off to buy me some HIPPIE CLOTHES!! :P

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We all like to eat healthy right???
what a better place then WHOLE FOODS!!


but you see....
this lil BEE....yeah a FRACKIN' BEE!!!
is taking PROTEIN
to a WHOLE 'nother level
that i'm not willing
to take a part in!!

So YOU tell ME....
besides the return policy and a "SORRY"
what else should I expect from

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mitchell Family Reunion

Mitchell Family Reunion
This year it was held at CaPe LoOk oUt!

We were excited to HIT THE BEACH!!

and Lo and Behold....



So we did the best we could and just let the kids have fun!

We were eventually graced with some blue clouds and sun...
even if it was just for a lil bit :)

this pic above is a before....
and the AFTER....

i just LOVE the way these 2 photos came out.....
makes me smile
just call me a cool photographer
make me wish there were PALM TREES in the back ground
and not regular Oregon Coast Trees!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Let's just say June was a busy month....only in the fact that it was RECITAL after RECITAL!!

I was begining to think that I should just stay at the school, just so I could save my parking spot!

The girls school Arth. Acad. holds a music recital twice a year.
They did such an AWESOME JOB!!
Heres a few pics of my girlies :D

Now onto Dallin....

This year he started JuNiOr HiGh.....yeah I'm getting old so *shusha*
well, he wanted to participate in band and I suggested the drums cause hes ALWAYS making beats with his hands on every surface he's was getting annoying! and apparently not as annoying as the first few months of a new instrument! YES the strumming - aka "the annoying noise upstairs!" - was annoying but I actually took it well and it didnt get on my nerves as bad as I thought....but months later the noise turned into little songs and I saw/heard him progress which was wayyy exciting for me :D

And as he progressed a WHOLE NEW WORLD of mUsIc was lit up in his life! Before long he started making noises on my piano and then all of a sudden those noises turned into little songs! He has a natural talent of music! He can hear a song and then somehow play it on the piano! A talent I dont have very well... Now I just need to sit down with him and *teach him* something that I have long regretted on not doing. Even though he can take one of my many piano books and do it himself...but it would still be neat to teach him :)

~ Its an amazing thrill TO ME to see him with MuSiC ~

And a quick wave to his FaMiLy!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I want..... some PERGOLAS in my backyard.....

and LUCKY michael....hes GOING to make me some.... all I gotta do is tell him :D

Friday, March 5, 2010



Brakelle doing an ARM BAR on her older brother!

And this is her AGAIN kickin is butt!!

MY Dad would be soooo PROUD!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I do a lot of blog SNOOPIN'....and when I say a lot, I mean A LOT!!!

I love coming across new and cool things and I think this item has topped it all.....

you ready......

.....cause I know I'M ready to show ya.........

ALLLLL I'm sayin' is.....I'M SOOOOO getting this for my