Thursday, August 21, 2008

Me & my MUSIC obsession!!

Now! I'm not one for "boy bands" per-say. I'm not gah-gah over them...its more that gag-gag over them!! The only ones I ever cared for were NKOTB! (yes! their back!!;) & Backstreet Boys. I personally liked their style of music. Boys 2 Men...not shabby either! And I didn't like N' Sync...I wish they would of done what their song claimed....BYE BYE BYE!!! BUT!! I am a HUGE fan of Justin Timberlake....not until he left the group to go on his own, which happend to be the best thing for him! but i digress!... the other day I was snoopin' around some blogs and I found this video of a boy band, NLT....I thought...I never heard of them I wonder what they sound like? and I will tell u this....I actually LUV their music!! I don't know much about them but their songs are actually pretty good. I LUV the song KARMA! & SHE SAID, I SAID! The above links are to their videos....hopefully they work if not go search for NLT!!

sooo....funny thing...I'm watching their video and I have to comment on the boys! HAHA ok! 1st off....the one sportin' the "mole", which he CLEARLY LIKES TO SHOW IT OFF!! looks like Enrique Iglesias (spelling...dunno ;), 2nd! the other main singer....he looks like he would be the geeky-cute one in school if not for his voice...lucky him! These two front singers have awesome voices! I really like their voices! 3rd! the wanna be blonde one! he looks like a KIRBY HEYBORNE! off of the Singles Ward!...SHOUT OUT TO KIRBY!!! ;D PLUS!! I luv watching him dance...I luv watching his feet!! HAHAHA and 4th! I dunno.....the kid looks like Cory Hame or the other Cory! I'm forgetting the other CORYs last name,hopefully U know who I'm talking about. In all they're really adorably cute guys. ahhhh! I finally got that out of my system!! I had to comment on these boys looks! It kracks me up everytime I see the videos!!
Well hopefully U check out their videos and ENJOY!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Save a Volvo...Ride a Vampire!!!!!

I found this most HI-LARIOUS video!!!
I couldn't stop laughing!!!
And YES! it has something to do with Twilight!!

ok!!! i am sooo mad!! how do i add an actual video...not just the address?? it won't let me because it says "movie" or something like that. so if u know...let me in on it!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

PHELPS.....WHOS THE MAN!??!??!?!


I saw a 'tid bit of him in the last olympics but this year...I AM JUST SOOO STOKED!!! I stayed up this late...just to watch the relay! That had to be the most AWESOMIST BREATHTAKING AMAZING relay EVER!!!!! I was totally SCREAMING them on....I will say I was a 'lil bit worried there towards the end but MAN!!! THEY KICKED ASS!!!
In your face FRENCH MEN!!! U aint sayin much now...aren't 'cha!!!
What a STUD-muffin PHELPS is!!
I'm gonna say it again...he's ADORABLE!!!!
well I'm gonna go back and press RE-WIND!!! and again...and again.....ahhh u get the point!!! ;) im in heaven!! HAHAHAHAHA

I have a new LUVVVVVVVVVVV for swimming!!!


Sunday, August 3, 2008



And I was one of the krazy people that went to the book store to get my copy, at the stroke of

I felt like I was back at high school but among geeks! and I was one of the popular kids just staring at them and going WHAT THE CRAP!! It was quite krazy to say the least! Apparently the "festivities" at Borders started around 9:30 pm, I wasn't THAT krazy to go that early...believe me I love the books just as the next one BUT NO THANK U! I got there 20 min. before midnight and left 12:40...a WHOLE FREAKIN' HOUR!!...for a book!! I guess by that last statement...I am a 'lil krazy! ;) was soooo worth it!!!

I wont "SPOIL" the book for those of you who havent bought it, who havent taken my ADVISE on reading the book already!, and who read sloooowww!!! ;)

BUT....I will say this.......I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!!!!!!!!!