Saturday, April 12, 2008

I am on STRIKE!!!

That's heard me...I am on STRIKE! I am done with watching anything on CBS. CBS for the 2nd time have said they will be cancelling a show called JERICHO (Skeet=HAWT!!). I LOVE THIS SHOW!! It is the best show out there...if you haven't seen...GO SEE IT...unfortunantly that would mean you have to go to to watch the go see it already ;) That also means I will be missing out on some of my favorite shows like, The UNIT (HAWTIES!), CSI (Nick=HAWT), NCIS (Agent DiNozzo=HAWT). So as you can see...I will be sacrificing ALOT! But until CBS gets their heads out of their rears' , I will be on STRIKE!! ...please feel free to join me ;)