Saturday, December 5, 2009


If you know me...or know that I'm
like THE biggest fan of JAMBA JUICE!
my son was watching tv...go figure!
and he yells
and lo and behold....the coolest
thing I have EVER seen on TV!!
(wasnt my son sooo thoughtful!)
I know it says for kids....but screw the kids!
This bad boy is for me!! :P

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Camping anyone......

We did soooooo much camping this year! I honestly think we were gone every weekend! But I'm not gonna complain :)

We were originally trying to find something on the coast but ended up finding this fun park called OXBOW PARK. It was a very...VERY busy park but it was a lot of fun!

This little Bambi here....was a lil tooo close to camp....this close.....

This deer later on actually got right up to the picnic table where I am currently standing but didnt get my camera out in time to snap a shot. It was fun to see them that close up.

Here is a funny pic of Mike and his Dad "roasting" their hotdogs on sticks...over the gas flame....guess they were tooo lazy to start a fire and roast them that way!

One of the cool things about this park is the Sandy River. Mike, I and Matt (mikes brother) ended up rafting on the river...and mind was my first time rafting and I had a BLAST!!!
I didnt take any shots of us rafting but I did take some shots of the kids on the river playing around....sorry they are crappy and fuzzy shots but its a camera phone...
mike out with the kids....

dallin and brakelle....

Dennis out with some of his grandkids...

It's time.....

...time for some updates. And when I say updates....I mean A LOT!!
These updates won't be in order nor will they happen right away....but I will update!
....shall we begin.....

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I don't know about you but I love FREE stuff! and when the charter school that my children go to had FREE NIGHT AT OMSI....we were soooo there!! I have never been to this OMSI, so I was soooo super excited! Now, I'm not much of a science person per say. I'm mostly into History, Math, Art, stuff like that so the science part of the place held real no interest to me...but they had the DI VINCI stuff there, I literally could of been there all day! all week! all month! There was just soooo much, and there I was soakin in as much as I possibly could! And I couldn't take pics of this stuff cause they had a sign that said "NO PICTURES PLEASE". RUDE! I was basically by myself 'cause my family was just skimming thru the stuff...I had to read EVERTHING! I didn't even get to see everything! I should of told Mike to leave me be and take the kids to the science part but then I wouldn't have gotten any pics. oh well. We all enjoyed ourselves and had fun, and that's what counts. So here are some pics of our OMSI OUTING! ENJOY!

I have noooo idea what creature this is....all I know is that it looks freaky!


This is what you would look like in the space shuttle....awfully cramped in there, not my style!

This is one of the original "waffled NIKE shoe" betcha didn't know that!!

CHOOO CHOOO!!!! I LUV TRAINS! and I swear every pic, Brayden has that mouth opened...sooo annoying!

Now this stuff was old Portland clock and typewriter...I'm so geeky when it comes to this stuff! :P

Last but not least....this was a number had to put in the right numbers to make this puzzle right...mike was messing with it first and wasn't getting it completely i look over and start telling him where to put the numbers, and with his help (<---- I had to put that last part in there cause he was mad i wouldn't give him credit...but really i got it right... :P ) "WE" got the puzzle right. and you should of heard me....WOOOHOOO! with my "rocker signs" in the air! OHHH YEAH!!! I'm surprised someone didn't escort me out the building with that noise infraction!

My Girlie-Girl turned 9 this month!!

Isn't she just a beauty! Love this pic of her!

so yeah she turned 9 on April 20th! Let me take the time to share her with you. She is almost like my clone when it comes to certain things. She love writing, drawing, coloring. If you see her and she has no pen or paper with her...SHOCKER! Everywhere she goes, she has her "stuff" with her. She steals my pens and paper. I stock up at the begining of the school year with school supplies, tons of notebooks, tons of crayons, tons of pens...and in a matter of a month or two...they are all gone!! And all of the notesbooks are written upon or drawed upon..every single side of the pages. NO JOKE!!

She loves to read! That girl is always reading...when shes not writing or coloring! She's been begging to read the TWILIGHT series...shes watched the movie and now wants to read it. So I recently gave her the green light.

She loves dancing and music. She loves dancing with her best friends at school, shes constantly showing me her "groups" dance moves, not bad if you ask me. She is a social butterfly, loves her friends dearly. She does great in school. Very smart cookie :)She loves to learn anything and everything! She loves loves loves clothes! And the color PINK! It kills her having to go to a school where they wear "uniforms"!

She loves helping me cook and bake. If I'm in there...shes in there. She enjoys doing the dishes too. I did too when I was she'll grow out of it soon! Until then...I will use her wisely :) She is awesomely good at doing puzzles. She can whip those out like krazy!

Another way she and I are alike is in the sleep department!! She can stay up late, and then sleep in till like noon! She is very, very hard to wake up in the morning. no matter how early to bed she got. So yes, KARMA is rearing her ugly head at me...sorry mom and dad for being a pain in the butt in the mornings! :)

She loves to play with long hair! She gravitates to girls with long hair! She will put you to sleep...and fast! I think its one of her "secret weapons". ha!
She loves her Aunts like krazy! She has a soft spot for them and boy does she have a lot of them! Ashley, Tanya, Malissa, Jessica, Karee, Cecile, and Celeste. Even though 5 out of the 7 dont live close by and she doesnt see them a lot, she still remembers them and talks about some of the stuff she remembers. She also loves her Grandmas! Donna and DeDe....and she talks a lot about G-ma Holaday! Mostly because of cooking and baking with her!! she'll say..."remember when Grandma Holaday made was soooo fun!" shes not one to forget, thats for sure!!

So as you can she, she is a beauty inside and out! Loves life and those who are in it! Theres just soo many aspects to this girl that I know I'm missing something....

We just love this girl and are very lucky to have her in our lives!!