Saturday, October 11, 2008

Here's the KIDDOS!!!

This is Brakelle! Cutie-pa-tootie!
She has an "egg" on her noggin cause she some how "biff'd" it running around the heres a lesson, don't run in the church!!

This is Dallin up in a tree with his cousin Wyatt.
This is Brayden! Isn't she e-dorable!
This is my inside joke with her because she can't say adorable, she says it as e-dorable! Is that just e-dorable or WHAT!

So there u have it!!

My 3 KIDDOS!!!
p.s. my kids look NOTHING like me! haha that's probably a good thing! although they did get my blue eyes...THANK HEAVEN for that cause I really didn't want brown eyed babies! HAHA J/K I would of been happy either way! ;)

Change is a good thing!!

I'm currently changing things around here! I am adding a new's where u can get all my crappy ramblings!! I want to add more family stuff here since it is the STIMPSON family blog! NO DUH needed...cause I alread NO DUH'D myself!! so u can catch my rambling on my other blog and hopefully I will take more time to add pics and stuff we do as a family on the family blog! HAHA
we'll see how that goes for me!
heres the addy for my ramblings blog!