Sunday, July 15, 2012

got fire log?

This log goes from this.....

to this....

to FINALLY this!
 all over a night.

It was HILARIOUS to see the "boys" faces
when they brought this big bad boy into the camp ground!! was priceless!

Casey was proud of himself.

Heres the guys entertaining the kiddos
while playing card games.

melts a mommas heart when she sees her children love being around their daddy.
melts a mommas heart to see her nieces and nephews love being around  their daddys & uncles.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I pulled a "Shirlyn Doman"

I did it.
I admit it.
I pulled a "Shirlyn" and I liked it.

I didnt plan on a FHE cause we just got back from camping over the weekend.
And I'm the type of person that says "hey...we're together, we're doing somemthing so its family time" and I count it for FHE.
(it doesnt matter to me if its monday or time is family time)

So last night Mike asked for a hair cut...i groannnned and said "sure, I guess."
then Braydens like well I want a hair cut too!
mike got a haircut
and the girls got a trim only.
and in the back of my head I thought to myself
this sooooo counts as a FHE!!!
I mean come on!....we were all sitting there together
so it SHOULD count...right! ;)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SUMMER GOALS <----sounds exciting...right!

I cant wait for summer to SHOW UP already! :)

And this summer is going to be different for us.
By the time summer rolls around Im excited and then not sooo excited.
As a working mom you dred summer cause theres really nothing you can do during the weeks of summer break. 
 your kids are stuck inside or out in the backyard and
your house is ALWAYS messier then you left it that morning.
Im tired of crappy summer weeks.
I cant stay home this summer but I can do some things to make it a bit better.
I have issued some GOALS for all 5 us.

Shawni over at 71 toes (whom by the way I just simply adore and wish I could be as awesome as she is.) 
they have summer goals and she also wants to turn her kids into bookworms. and I thought I sooo want to do this!
This will be PERFECT for the summer dred.

So, last night I talked to the kids about it and so far they are excited!
there are 3 areas of goals
1- physical
2- spiritual
3- mental
We will also be going to the Library atleast twice a month and I expect book reports! :)

So by Sunday they will present me their goals and on Monday we head to the Library and
we will have started!!

Here's to better Summer weeks!!

What would you yap about...?

I happen to LOVE following the blog Nesting Place. She has given the challenge or oppurtunity to her readers to write about something for 31 days. And I thought HOW FUN!!  But then I was like Ohh. I dont have anything worth while to say...let along for 31 days!! Ohhh but I could comment on sarcasm as a second language....or, how to survive in a disorganized life....or, how to barely survive as a mother and totally feel guilty about it....or, How to shop till ya drop!  Basically my 31 days would be pretty negative. Its not like I always have a negative attitude or anything but lets face it....I lead a pretty simple yet boring life. I mean theres TONS of stuff I wish I could yap about...but I'm not really good at those things... So it got me thinking...what would you have fun yapping about for 31 days? What would you think I could yap about? Theres no way I would make my writtings public, but it would be a FUN challenge...just to do for yourself.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ohhh no you didnt!!

You see this YUMMY chocolate truffle bar...??
yes, good...

Do you see the YUMMY chocolate truffle bar now...??
no....ya me either and to put it lightly
I'm PIST!!!
I wouldnt of been this pist had I not been on a body reset for
and one of my children who shall NOT be named
 (cause they havent fessed up...yet I know who it is!)
Mark my words....they will pay
I will be heading to Deseret Book tomorrow to get another one
and I will NOT be bringing it home with me ;)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I was about to cry people!!!

yaaa i've been on the verge of tears! i thought i about lost everyones blogs that i love to snoop...i mean follow! i thought i would change the backdrop and i did but it took away everyones blogs!! i tried everything ! ....except obviously this one thing and.... BAM!!! you allll are back on my page!! YEAHH!!!!  arent you so glad to see me!?? cause i know im happy to see you guys! :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some new hair-do's!!

These girls of mine kept whining and whining to get their hair cut!
allll summer long!!
I kept procrastinating cause their hair was getting long,
and their hair looks cute long....

except Braydens....
her's gets knotted like krazy when it gets too long,
sooo knotted its very hard to brush her hair and get the knots out!


sooo.....I told them I would get it cut in time for school.
here are the new hair do's
and Im LOVING THEM!!!!

Here's Brakelle...
she just couldnt STOP SMILING!!


Here's Brayden
she a lil bit more composed
but still VERY excited!



how the back turned out!

makes me "ALMOST" want to cut

my hair short again...
but only "almost!"


I LOVE LOVE her hair too!

but the gal kept shorting it up in the front,

we wanted it longer, but it'll grow out

Brakelle had asked me since before school got out

that she wanted to donate her hair

I was completely shocked and happy
that she would want to do something like that.
I never even mentioned it to her,
so it was great to hear her want to do that.

So I talked to the gals and they said it had to be over
12" long!!
Brakelles was JUST 12"long!
Braydens was 11 1/2" long!
So Brakelle was able to Donate her hair!!
She was very excited!!
and I was glad I procrastinated and waited :)

Now this is A LOT OF HAIR!!!!