Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I pulled a "Shirlyn Doman"

I did it.
I admit it.
I pulled a "Shirlyn" and I liked it.

I didnt plan on a FHE cause we just got back from camping over the weekend.
And I'm the type of person that says "hey...we're together, we're doing somemthing so its family time" and I count it for FHE.
(it doesnt matter to me if its monday or not...family time is family time)

So last night Mike asked for a hair cut...i groannnned and said "sure, I guess."
then Braydens like well I want a hair cut too!
mike got a haircut
and the girls got a trim only.
and in the back of my head I thought to myself
this sooooo counts as a FHE!!!
I mean come on!....we were all sitting there together
so it SHOULD count...right! ;)