Sunday, August 10, 2008

PHELPS.....WHOS THE MAN!??!??!?!


I saw a 'tid bit of him in the last olympics but this year...I AM JUST SOOO STOKED!!! I stayed up this late...just to watch the relay! That had to be the most AWESOMIST BREATHTAKING AMAZING relay EVER!!!!! I was totally SCREAMING them on....I will say I was a 'lil bit worried there towards the end but MAN!!! THEY KICKED ASS!!!
In your face FRENCH MEN!!! U aint sayin much now...aren't 'cha!!!
What a STUD-muffin PHELPS is!!
I'm gonna say it again...he's ADORABLE!!!!
well I'm gonna go back and press RE-WIND!!! and again...and again.....ahhh u get the point!!! ;) im in heaven!! HAHAHAHAHA


Melody said...

You're also totally obsessed! haha! j/k! He is pretty exciting to watch.:D

Tabatha & Michael said...

crush maybe but obsessed...thats the gal on the at&t commercial!! haha, although i would luv to have that big oh poster of him swimming thats on her living room wall! even though it wouldnt go with the decor of the room.*shrugs*
but i guess i was a weeee bit overly excited when i wrote this entry! can u blame me though...that was the coolest relay EVER!!! i was very very excited for those guys!!!

M-O-R-G-A-N-'S said...

He just won his 8th medal too!! You crack me up!!!

Melody said... crack me up! You know what though..because of you i really want to read those twilight books too! And the movies trailers look sooo good! Thanks's just what i need..more stuff i want to do and no time to do it..J/k! really i am! promise!:)

Tabatha & Michael said...

I believe u!!
U can't blame me for trying to bring others to the dark side!!..ooohhhh!!!! haha
i hear ya about the the time sucks,but u wont regret it! :)
besides what are friend for!! ;P