Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mitchell Family Reunion

Mitchell Family Reunion
This year it was held at CaPe LoOk oUt!

We were excited to HIT THE BEACH!!

and Lo and Behold....



So we did the best we could and just let the kids have fun!

We were eventually graced with some blue clouds and sun...
even if it was just for a lil bit :)

this pic above is a before....
and the AFTER....

i just LOVE the way these 2 photos came out.....
makes me smile
just call me a cool photographer
make me wish there were PALM TREES in the back ground
and not regular Oregon Coast Trees!


The Grimmett's said...

Looks like fun!

dana said...

How fun! Sorry about the sucky weather. Are you guys camoing newxt week with the ward?