Thursday, July 1, 2010


Let's just say June was a busy month....only in the fact that it was RECITAL after RECITAL!!

I was begining to think that I should just stay at the school, just so I could save my parking spot!

The girls school Arth. Acad. holds a music recital twice a year.
They did such an AWESOME JOB!!
Heres a few pics of my girlies :D

Now onto Dallin....

This year he started JuNiOr HiGh.....yeah I'm getting old so *shusha*
well, he wanted to participate in band and I suggested the drums cause hes ALWAYS making beats with his hands on every surface he's was getting annoying! and apparently not as annoying as the first few months of a new instrument! YES the strumming - aka "the annoying noise upstairs!" - was annoying but I actually took it well and it didnt get on my nerves as bad as I thought....but months later the noise turned into little songs and I saw/heard him progress which was wayyy exciting for me :D

And as he progressed a WHOLE NEW WORLD of mUsIc was lit up in his life! Before long he started making noises on my piano and then all of a sudden those noises turned into little songs! He has a natural talent of music! He can hear a song and then somehow play it on the piano! A talent I dont have very well... Now I just need to sit down with him and *teach him* something that I have long regretted on not doing. Even though he can take one of my many piano books and do it himself...but it would still be neat to teach him :)

~ Its an amazing thrill TO ME to see him with MuSiC ~

And a quick wave to his FaMiLy!!


Barb said...

I love that the kids are into music!!! Ben and Spencer are very much into band / choir / anything music! Spencer is like you can play anything on the piano! I love you tons! the kids are so big! hard to believe that happens. How do they get older and we don't!!! isn't that wonderful!!!

Tabatha & Michael Stimpson said...

LOL sooo wonderful!!!
it is sweet to see them do something awesome!
love ya tons too!!