Saturday, July 26, 2008


Do NOT! I repeat, Do NOT! lay/fall asleep in the sun!! Especially when you havent "sun tanned" in yearsss, and when you live Oregon!!! I learned that lesson the hard way! Last week we went camping in eastern Oregon. I luv easter oregon! reminds me of VEGAS with it very HOT summers and desert-like scenery. Hardly any trees and plenty of desert brush everywhere!!! anywhoo....on with my story! When camping you sit around and chit chat. While chit chating you constantly move your chair to keep yourself in as much shade as possible. Well I enjoy the sun so I kept my feet/legs in the sun for short periods of time. By the end of the day you notice some "pinkness" to the sun exposed area. And you say to yourself...AWESOME!!....I'm on my way to a tan!...infact I'm screaming that in my head! Well the next day I noticed that its just my feet and ankle area that got "exposed" because I was wearing I though (which blondes shouldnt do very much of ;) hmmm.... i should probably work on getting all of my legs tanned so I dont end up having this funky capri tan going on! So I jump into some shorts and a tank top and drag my chair out in the sun on the beach. I plop my headphones in and listen to JOSS STONE (guilty pleasure...she soooo ROCKS!!) ...a couple of hours later I decide its been long enough, 3-4 hours long enough, and I head back to camp. About 30 min. later my sis-inlaw Ash says..."whoa Tab!....your feet are red!!" and im like AWESOME! it's better than being chalk white! well later that night i notice that my feet/ankles are begining to hurt more than usual....and i mean really hurt. I take a closer look and notice i am LOBSTER RED!!! so i put some aloe vera on and notice with the light that STEAM is coming off of my legs from puting the aloe vera on and im thinking WOAH this might not be a good thing. The next morning I'm on the verge of SCREAMING!! My ankles/feet are on FIRE!!! That whole day I could hardly walk. I felt like an old lady thats 9 months pregnant!! And on top of that I could hardly stand up for a minute and I seriously mean a whole freggin' minute! My legs were in sooo much pain I could hardly stand up. So I sat as much as possiable and lathered sooo much aloe vera on me i was sticky and slimy!! So needless to say I didnt do much in the way of "camping" for the rest of the week.

So when I get home it begans to get even worse!...if thats even at all possible!! My ankles/feet are SWOLLEN! I didnt swell this bad when I was prego!! My feet look so red and purple it looks like i got the crap beat out of them! And to top it off I had to go to work the following monday. Talk about embarassing! I pick up and drop off packages to alot of business and so here I am walking around these building with people all dressed up business like and im in capris and sandles (which im actually breaking OSHA's laws!) and people are just staring at my feet looking like what the hell happend to her?...does she have a skin disease?! by the end of the day I just wanted to throw my legs in the person face and go ASHTON KUTCHER on them!! scare the crap out of them and see them freak out! but....I didnt! but oh i sooo wanted to! ;)

Sooo.. it's been a week and they are still swollen, my feet still look lobster red, the skin is finally peeling off and i can manage to walk around without looking like an old lady thats 9 months prego!! And technically.....I think I gave my legs a 1st degree burn! so as a warning...DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!!! or IN THE WOODS!!!

Here are some photos of my feet...please I am warning you...its not a pretty sight! and NO!!! legs and feet are not that fat!!! ;)


Melody said...

ohhhhh girl..i am soooo sorry! That totally sucks! Hope you get better soon! i love reading your blog btw- you always write the most entertaining stories and i so can see you telling them exactly the way you wrote them! :D

M-O-R-G-A-N-'S said...

Tab one word: OUCH! lol Dang girl! No joke they were swollen and red. Hope your feet get better soon.

Tabatha & Michael said...

ok mel...i meant to post this DAYSSSS AGO!!
U R 2 SWEET!!!! Thanks for being most entertained by my blog!!! thats what im hear for!! but in all seriousness..thank u for that comment, very sweet of u!!! ;)
i totally grinned all day!..and everytime i read your comment!!!