Sunday, July 6, 2008

KNOCK...on wood!!

I'm not one to be superstitious....but after my last post, I think I should of been! Last sunday came and like 3 hours before the ONe Republic concert, I got the phone call that informed me that the concert was cancelled and being rescheduled due to Ryans throat problem! I guess he lost his voice?....WHATEVER!!
PSH! PALEAZEE!!! I'm gonna slap that Ryan when I see him!! ...smack him with a kiss! ;) haha
I was soooo excited...maybe too excited...NAH!!! but sometimes these things happen. And I was sooo looking forward to wearing my hawt outfit...I guess now I'm gonna have to go shopping for another hawt outfit!....poor me...I mean LUCKY me!!!! ;)


M-O-R-G-A-N-'S said...

Well, I guess I should have read this comment before I commented on the last one. lol Hopefully the reschedule soon and you still get to go. Savannah's favorite song is Apologize.

Tabatha & Michael said...

LOL!! HAHA JENN! u sooo krazy! that was funny of u! i didn't say anything cause sundays are krazy and those kids were on krack!! ALL OF THEM!!! plus...i think i am someones new BFF!! Erin wouldn't stop talking to me! AND! she invited us over for dinner on monday for FHE! Mike wasnt happy about that!!! LMAO! i'll give u the low-down soon!! :)

Boomers Bunch said...

It's like THUNDER, LIGHTNING, the way you love me is frightning! Guess I better KNOCK, KNOCK, on wood BABY, WooHooHooHoooooooooo Baby! sorry, that popped in my head when I real the title LOL!!!

Melody said...

you are so positive! Shopping is the greatest!!!!