Friday, January 18, 2008


Sooooo...this was my first year with this whole pinewood derby thing! Talk about krazy! One of my callings in our ward is cub scout leader for the bears and the wolves. I have 7 BOYS! For the most part they are really good boys. Cutie pies. But there are a few I have issues with. They are not very nice to some of the boys. But anywho... Dallin had so much fun making his car. He made a design on a piece of paper and mike cut it out. Dallin sanded and sanded and sanded....he got bored real quickly! He thought it would take like 5 minutes and then he could paint....yaa he wasn't too happy when we told him...keep sanding....nope, keep sanding! He eventually got it sanded really well and went to the paint job. He is a HUGE oregon "DUCK" fan! He loves the football team, so he painted it the school colors which are yellow and green (gross!). He put #10 on it for his favorite player, which is Dennis Dixon, the QB. (btw...#10 is awesome!!) And he named his car the "DUCKSTER!" (thanks to me :). Well we get to the church, have the boys weight in and do the first round of practice. When Dallin's turn came up he was sooo excited. They let the cars go and DOWN they went! and then BAM! Dallin's came to a complete STOP!! yes..a complete stop. It didn't even get to the finish line. It went down the hill and then just stopped. Oohhh I felt sooo bad. Just the look on his face broke his mamas heart. He was devestated! Well after the practice rounds, the Dad's made the much needed adjustments and then the competition was on! Dallin's still didn't make it to the finish line and come to find out Dallin had pushed the wheels in sooo tight that they touched the wood! No wonder why it didn't want to go couldn't with its "brakes" on! So they got that fixed and continued and boy oh boy he won a race and then a second and then another! He actually in the end tied with another boy for 3rd place!! I was soo proud of him and he was sooo proud of himself! And whats great about that....HE, Dallin, made that HIMSELF! ya, Dad cut it out but Dallin did the rest, and that is what I'm most proud of. I can't really say that for the other scouts and their dads but hey! boy is what counts!!
CONGRATS DALLIN!!!!!...on placing 3rd in your first Pinewood Derby!!!!
p.s. pictures to come...when I figure that part out too!!! :P

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