Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The last month in a "nutshell".

ok...where to begin! well....in November, Mike was laid off from his company. At first I was freakin' out!!!! I mean who wouldn't be! Mike knew it was coming, and to be honest he was quite glad. He was tired of the companies BS. Before getting laid off though we both saw a "fork" in the road concerning his career. He wanted to finish what he orignally wanted to do for a living...become a police officer and eventually the FBI. Since he has not been working he has started schooling to finish his degree and has applied at numerous police locations. He got a conditional offer thru the Salem police station but was notified recently he didn't get it. I won't go into why he didn't get it cause we're not really for sure, but Salem is hard to get into. That whole process took about 5 months and it was a long 5 months. So we're expecting that if he does get hired on at any location it'll take about 6-12 months before hes employed as a police officer...so we have to play the waiting game. In the mean time he's looking for other positions and is going to school part time. At first I was not happy with this. I mean who wants their husband to be unemployed after years of being employed with a steady income...and then not to have that...its pretty scarry. But we will get thru this...we both know this is what he needs to be doing....too bad he didn't do this earlier...but then again looking back he didn't feel it was the right thing to do. So who knows!
In December I was involved in a hit and run accident...and no I didn't hit and then run!!! :) I'm not having good luck with cars! I didn't get injured too bad. My back and neck are my problems. I can't complain though....it can always be way worse! After 24 day I finally got my audi back and then not even a week later I had to have it towed cause of an oil leak! I am NOT looking forward to that bill. I was soooo mad! I'm just hoping it was caused from the accident..but with my luck, I doubt it!
Other than that life is going good!!

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