Wednesday, May 7, 2008


NEED I SAY MORE!!! The above link will take you to the Twilight Trailer "Teaser"!! it's like barely a minute long but if you play it over and over again, it can be like oh...10 minutes long or something like that :) needless to say, I have played it over and over!! I can't get enough of it! His accent, his hair, his smile at the end before he flies out into the woods!!! And Emmett's voice!! These guys are to die for! The special affects are amazing! December can NOT come soon enough! I am seriously beyong excitement to see this movie...I knew they were going to make a great movie but THIS! is going to be beyond our expectations! Simply amazing!!! It makes my heart go "THUD THUD" out of my chest!!...or does HE make my heart go "THUD THUD" ;) p.s. the OME!!! stand for - OH MY EDWARD!! just in case you didn't know ;)


Melody said...

Wow! That looks sooooooo good! Maybe I should read the books then?:)

Tabatha & Michael said... are soo missing out!! I didn't start reading the books till feb of this year, I was just like you..."NAH!..don't have time...who cares about vampires..yadda, yadda...! every excuse out there, but my mom talked me into it and now she thinks im krazy! but in a good way. and im glad i read them. stephenie has an amazing way of writing! and I just got her new book the HOST...i again wasnt sure to read it cause im like "aliens!!..u kidding me!!" but I can't put it down either :) well worth my time! :) and yours too :)

Krista said...

I'm so excited to see this movie. I finally got on board and read all three of them twice in two weeks!! She is a very good writer and it just makes you love Edward!! I wish we didn't have to wait until December!!

-KJ said...

K, you need go HERE.
It is a fan's version of Breaking Dawn. Pretty good. It helped to pacify my impatience for the real one. Make sure you read the chapters in order!