Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What would you yap about...?

I happen to LOVE following the blog Nesting Place. She has given the challenge or oppurtunity to her readers to write about something for 31 days. And I thought HOW FUN!!  But then I was like Ohh. I dont have anything worth while to say...let along for 31 days!! Ohhh but I could comment on sarcasm as a second language....or, how to survive in a disorganized life....or, how to barely survive as a mother and totally feel guilty about it....or, How to shop till ya drop!  Basically my 31 days would be pretty negative. Its not like I always have a negative attitude or anything but lets face it....I lead a pretty simple yet boring life. I mean theres TONS of stuff I wish I could yap about...but I'm not really good at those things... So it got me thinking...what would you have fun yapping about for 31 days? What would you think I could yap about? Theres no way I would make my writtings public, but it would be a FUN challenge...just to do for yourself.


Dana and ohana said...

i'd talk about my favorite friends and how'd i'd like to be just like them

Tabatha & Michael Stimpson said...

you do have a lot of friends! ;)